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We are always trying to keep our clients up-to-date with interesting things about custom timberframe homes, as well as Log & Timber Home Shows in Canada and the United States.

New Mass Timber Capabilities in Fall 2022

Canadian Timberframes purchases Canada’s largest Hundegger CNC machine with
6-axis robot

BC based timber frame manufacturer increases mass timber capabilities with the installation of new CNC machine, and facility expansion.


GOLDEN, BC — Canadian Timberframes (CTF), a premier design, manufacturer in the timber frame industry, announces that it has purchased Canada’s most equipped Hundegger K2 Industry 1300 machine. The largest and most advanced K2 Industry to come to Canada, this machine will increase CTF’s timber size capacity by 500 per cent; enabling them to cut large scale engineered wood products. This machine is scheduled for installation in Fall 2022.


“This expansion and new machine is our commitment to our expanding industry and our industry partners. Combining both the most advanced K2 Industry 1300 with an in-sequence 6-axis robot, this new machine allows us to meet the growing requirements of the mass timber industry, while simultaneously increasing our capacity to produce authentic timber frame products,” says Jeff Bowes, President and Owner of CTF. This announcement is accompanied by the news that CTF is increasing the size of their facility by 50 per cent, adding an additional 10,000 sq. ft. to their facility, to accommodate this machine and further optimize production.

The purchased CNC machine with a 6-axis robot is one of the most efficient and comprehensive solid wood processing machines for heavy timber and glulam in the mass timber industry. With over 34,000 sq ft of manufacturing capacity to come, this new machine enables them to run larger timber sections (18 x 51 x 70’), handle more complex & larger scale commercial projects in both timber & mass timber, and deliver results that align with CTF’s reputation of excellence.

Timber and engineered wood products are a strong, low-carbon

building alternative to concrete and steel.

22 years after Canadian Timberframes brought Canada’s first Hundegger K2 machine to the country, they are once again innovating. “We congratulate Canadian Timberframes on the upcoming installation of the largest and most advanced K2i in Canada, and one of the largest & most advanced installations in North America,” says Hans Hundegger, founder and president of Hundegger.

 “We are preparing for the future of this organization; our success has been built on quality products and services. This investment back into the company is not only for our clients but our employees. This investment allows CTF to remain competitive, strengthening our market position and offering world class Timber Frame products, while growing within the mass timber and tall wood construction industry” says Stephanie Bowes, Vice President of CTF.

“Canadian Timberframes promises extraordinary quality and professional service; it is our highest priority, focus and my promise!” says Jeff. “As far as our customer service is concerned, construction will not affect our regular operations”

Canadian Timberframes works closely with Clients, Architects & Builders throughout North America – Servicing the entire United States; and beyond.

To contact us about your project visit www.canadiantimberframes.com/contactus  or download our ebook, visit www.canadiantimberframes.com/ebook; to subscribe to our monthly newsletter please visit https://www.canadiantimberframes.com/newsletter

About Canadian Timberframes: CTF is the leading North American manufacturer and provider of heavy timber frame solutions. We manufacturer everything you need to take your home to lock up. We offer only the finest products and exceptional service. For more information please visit www.canadiantimberframes.com.

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The Benefits of Building an Industrial Or Commercial Building with Timber

grizzly paw brewery wood


What are the Benefits of Building an Industrial Or Commercial Building with Timber?

Canadian Timberframes, commercial and industrial designer and manufacturer of heavy timber, has seen first hand, the benefits of utilizing heavy timber and mass timber. Our clients and partners have experienced the cost and time savings, timber has brought to their projects as well as an ambience unimaginable without timber.


Benefits of Heavy Timber in Commercial Structures:

  • Heavy timber construction can achieve more complex & creative structures, at a better cost than steel
  • Off-site premanufactured heavy timber frame allows for shorter construction times & maximized potential production
  • Timber frame buildings consume the least energy during production; create healthier environments and better workplaces
  • Timber is a renewable resource, sourced from sustainably managed forests, LEED & Green built compatible; timber reduces your carbon footprint


Read the Case Study on Heavy Timber Alaska Cruise Terminal


How Can Canadian Timberframes Be A Part of Your Commercial Build?

For almost 2 decades Canadian Timberframes has been a leader in heavy timber construction and involved in designing, manufacturing and installing many large commercial timber projects.

We have the capability of meeting production schedules, preparing detailed bid proposals for fixed rate contracts, contract administration and meeting or exceeding contracted engineering and construction specifications.

Canadian Timberframes' extensive experience in timber selection and processing, utilization of design software and computerized manufacturing equipment facilitates the speed and accuracy of the timber and connections.


The impressive timber structure has an immense effect upon the human senses; in the same way beautiful scenery or pleasant smells or fine art affect us – the natural beauty of wood evokes the same way. A thoughtfully well-designed space can create the same impression and creating this unique, visually appealing and creative interior can help you stand out from your competitors and makes your retail experience more memorable.


We would be happy to help you out with your next commercial project or quote a set of plans.

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Wall Panels vs SIPs

Canadian Timberframes Wall Panel Enclosure System vs Structured Insulated Panels (SIPs)


Wall panels are designed to the exact specifications of your project and are pre cut for windows and doors. Once installed they provide an energy efficient and well-insulated timber frame home.


How do Wall Panel Enclosure Systems Work?

A wall panel enclosure system is a prefabricated exterior wall enclosure system developed to create the thermal envelope that is fastened to the timber frame structure.



All of the timber frame and wall components are designed in one 3D model and detailed shop drawings are produced for each wall panel, this way assembly onsite will be as straight forward as possible. These drawings are utilized for both fabrication at our facility and for assembly on site.

The CTF wall panel is designed and manufactured specifically for each individual project meaning they are pre-cut to interface with the timber structure, beam notches, point loads, windows and doors. Spec & orientation of sidings are also anticipated before manufacturing allowing all wall systems to be detailed & manufactured to accept a variety of exterior siding applications. Interior wall cavities are left open for ease of standard plumbing/ electrical/ mechanical installations. These cavities can then be insulated, vapor retarded & finished to suit using standard construction techniques and to meet a variety of energy/ insulation requirements.


Benefits of our Wall Panel Enclosure System?

  • Efficient onsite installation
  • Flexible plumbing, electrical and mechanical installation
  • Energy efficient, well insulated and air tight
  • Designed and manufactured to interface with your timber frame structure
  • Less material






Want to know more about our Timber Frame packages that include our Wall Panel Enclosure Systems?

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Sitka Sound Cruise Terminal Mini Case Study: Steel versus Heavy Timber Construction

Just six miles out of Sitka, Alaska lies the Sitka Sound Cruise Terminal, formerly known as the Old Sitka Dock on Halibut Point Marine. The deep-water port hosts large vessels up to 1,100 ft including cruise ships, yachts, and commercial vessels. With a rise in tourism and forecasted growth over the next ten years, a new terminal was proposed to host the steady increase of visitors to Sitka.


Sitka Sound Cruise Terminal in Sitka Alaska design rendering by Canadian Timberframes Ltd











Create a Terminal Bay that is natural in feeling to compliment the scenic location, is inviting to guests, memorable & cost-efficient.


Design Description

The Sitka Cruise Terminal is a hybrid timber frame structure comprised of glulam and #1 grade Douglas fir timber. Canadian Timberframes used building information modelling (BIM) to create a 3-D model indicating member sizes and connection arrangements. Model information was used to create shop drawings and to control the computer numerical control (CNC) router used to fabricate the timber components.

During the design phase, close communication between the design team (Canadian Timberframes), structural engineers (Fire Tower Engineered Timber), the contractor (McG Constructors), and the supplier (Canadian Timberframes) all worked in partnership to troubleshoot and avoid future installation problems.


“We love the look and feel of the large wood timbers and have many comments from people who have seen the facility. They have all been very positive. ~Chuck McGraw, McG Contructors

The large-scale timbers are proportionate to the scale of the project and give the space a warm, contemporary and tactile feel, that connects with the natural environment surrounding the terminal.


Building Materials

The timber was grade stamped at Canadian Timberframes in-house sawmill, the timber was cut and stained in the shop, allowing for speedy erection once on site.  Erection went seamlessly McG Constructors, who mentioned it took a similar amount of time as it would have with a steel structure. 




The new cruise terminal was originally designed as a steel building. The cost of the steel structure was unappealing to the owners. Canadian Timberframes was brought in by McG Constructors and consulted on the project and the possibility of a heavy timber construction to be considered as a cost-effective solution.



When McG Constructors, Inc compared the two quotes: one using steel for construction materials and the other using heavy timber and glulam for construction, the answer was clear. Heavy timber & glulam supplied by Canadian Timberframes was the way to go. It achieved their objectives and saved them approximately 50% in their construction materials.



The Sitka Sound Cruise Terminal on Halibut Point was originally designed as a steel structure. The heavy timber structure was cost-effective and resulted in a more desirable aesthetic building for tourist traffic. To see the various stages of design and construction of this Terminal please check out the project page.


Canadian Timberframes 2020 Summer Newsletter

A Time of Extreme Change

As we continue to navigate the change that is before us, we see increased adoption to new behaviors and businesses becoming more agile when forced with quick change.

The ‘next normal’ has started to emerge before us with daily uncertainty and change, high levels of anxiety, consumers are indicating they will adapt long-term behaviors that will last beyond COVID-19; switching to new brands because of accessibility, reducing in person activities; businesses creating safe workspaces for each & every employee every day of the year; adapting new best practices around cleaning & disinfecting and businesses finding ways to be nimble to continue to deliver upon their demands from both clients and employees.

We as a business are blessedly in the thankful category. We were able to continue to manufacture, continue to employ every employee we have and create a safe working ‘bubble’ for our people; where no one has gotten sick. I say we are in the ‘thankful’ category not because we have continued to manufacture, but thankful that we and many of our people did not have to break through the fear barrier of returning to work, after months away self-isolating.
We have recently seen the importance of creating our home as our sanctuary – when forced to spend so much time in a space brings a new sense of how important our home is to not only our health (both mental & physical) but can create either a sense of peace or stress through material, floor plan, natural light & acoustics.

We have seen accelerated shifts to those interested in designing their ‘new’ home; a shift in buying markets where people are looking to more remote locations that offer them the space they don’t have today. The pandemic has put their home front & center. With the uptick on video conferencing, it is making people more aware of how they are perceived, and how their space reflects on them. Many have had time to figure out what’s important to them, creating ‘flex’ spaces where an area can quickly & easily be transformed to suit multiple functions from yoga studio to arts and crafts or office. As we have spent more time at home many are thinking about how they can conserve energy through thoughtful design, added technology and solar gain; how storage can be used in clever ways and how organization can promote productivity for those that will continue to work at home.

Creating a backyard oasis has become paramount recently where one can find solace and it become one of your ‘flex’ spaces: dining, reading, entertaining, yoga etc. A space that includes an outdoor kitchen too to truly transform what you can do & how you do it all alongside a beautiful garden.

We see people appreciating simpler lifestyles, whether at home or in life, now more than ever in a world that’s so complex. Let us help you create that dream space that fits the lifestyle & life you want and need to create.

Jeff Bowes, President & Owner


CTF Celebrates Staff 15 Year Anniversary and Duct Tape Award Winners

Quarterly Town Hall Staff Recognition

During April Eleanor Phillips celebrated 15 years at CTF and last week we were able to recognize her achievement at the town hall.

Eleanor started in the shop sanding and staining, before hand cutting, operating the forklift and packaging. After 6 years on the shop floor she moved into the office and is now a Sales Associate. Her knowledge and experience is a great asset to CTF. Thank you and congrats on your 15 years at CTF!

The Q1 Duct Tape Award was presented to Leo Mitzel. Leo is an excellent team player. He takes a meticulous approach to any task and we want to recognise his leadership around our precut timber inventory. He is proactive and works tirelessly until the job is done.

The Q2 Duct Tape Award was presented to Jeff Ennis. Co-workers nominated Jeff because of his friendly and considerate nature. He takes initiative, works independently and does the job with gusto and determination. Thank you for your contribution.

Rick Celebrates 20 Years at CTF

20 Years As Our Head Sawyer

Rick started at CTF on July 1 2000 and has been the head sawyer ever since. His work ethic, knowledge and drive have had a major influence on our success and the quality of our work. The CTF team helped celebrate his 20 year anniversary at the start of July with a team BBQ and presentation.

Before joining CTF Rick worked in the logging industry and the move to CTF was a perfect fit for him and CTF. He works outside at the sawmill year round, whether in the heat of summer or the middle of winter his commitment to getting the job done does not change. Rick is greatly admired and respected, his contribution cannot be measured and the team is proud to celebrate his 20 years at Canadian Timberframes.


Projects Under Construction across North America & New Zealand

The CTF team has been busy shipping new projects across North America and the World which are now under construction and featured on our website. Follow the progress of these builds and dozens more on our website as we update them with the latest images from the building sites. Thanks to our clients and building partners for keeping us updated on how their projects are going.

Wanaka Swiss Chalet - 6,856 Sq Ft - Wanaka, New Zealand

Franconia Notch Timber Frame Home - 3,085 Sq Ft - NH

Long Island Lake House - 6,634 Sq Ft - NH

Marabou Ranch Steamboat Springs - 4,284 Sq Ft - CO

Durango Timber Home
- 9,200 Sq Ft - CO

Cody Wyoming Timber Frame Home - 2,770 Sq Ft - WY

Lookout Ridge Sun Peaks - 3,475 Sq Ft - BC

Timber Creek Ranch - 7,194 Sq Ft - ON





Canadian Timberframes 2020 Winter Newsletter

Would You Like 2020 Vision

Start of New Decade Provides New Opportunities for Reflection and Planning ahead.

We love the fresh possibility that comes with the start of a new year. This fresh-start feeling is magnified with the beginning of a whole new decade! With a new decade comes advances in technology; more noise – creating more stress plus extra pressure being connected all the time, changing our daily landscape and accessibility to the world. 

Between longer hours in the office and longer commute times, we’re spending more time than ever before indoors and away from the natural world. And because of this, exposure to nature has never been more important than it is today.

Nature can really improve our well-being and living in spaces which are more connected with nature will have positive impacts in our daily lives. That’s why considering a timber frame home today more than ever might be an intentional health strategy - influencing the space you live in, in a positive way.

Incorporating direct or indirect elements of nature into your home have been demonstrated through research to reduce stress, blood pressure levels and heart rates, while increasing productivity, creativity and self-reported rates of well-being.

But where do you start? Consider designing a timber frame home where the timbers create expanses for huge window walls to bring nature in or think about bringing in timber hybrid elements can start to create a space where you can connect to strength & beauty of wood daily in a calming and unassuming way.

Timber frame homes can be designed to reflect your uniqueness, your individuality. People are designing their homes to reflect their personalities and creating spaces that tell their story. What makes you truly happy is most important and something Canadian Timberframes can help you fulfill.

Whether you are still dreaming about the home that will come, or you are in the thick of decision making now or at finalizing your design & build team; we want to become a valuable participant in your project.

We partner with Builders, Architects & clients on projects, producing high quality timber frames & components in a timely & cost-effective way.

We look forward to fulfilling our promise: delivering world class product with professional service from one of the most inspired teams in North America!

Drop us a line @ sales@canadiantimberframes.com or call 1.877.348.9924- let us know where we can help you out.

Jeff Bowes, President & Owner

2020 Spring Cottage Life Show

Drop by Canadian Timberframes Trade Show Booth at Spring Cottage Life Show

1. We have built a solid reputation as one of the world's premiere timber frame companies not only because of our quality, precision, and passion but because we truly care about our clients needs.

2. Our custom wall & roof systems + additional components offer exceptional value during the installation process and provide an efficient & cost effective solution. Offering cost savings to home owners & time savings to builders in various ways.

Canadian Timberframes offers decades of experience working with clients throughout Ontario and we would love to meet up with you between March 26 - March 29, at the International Centre, Mississauga during the Spring Cottage Life Show.

PS.  We would like to provide you with two complimentary tickets to the show if you are interested in attending, please contact us.

Here are the details of the Spring Cottage Life Show. If you are interested in two complimentary tickets please contact us.

We are passionate about our work. The Canadian Timberframes philosophy has always been to provide our North American clients, builders and architects with personal timely service, attention to detail, outstanding quality and exceptional value. Check out projects in Ontario and contact us to discuss your timber frame requirements.

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