Why choose timber over steel?


Building a timber frame structure is good for business

Commercial Timber frame

For almost 2 decades Canadian Timberframes has been a leader in heavy timber construction and involved in designing, manufacturing and installing many large commercial timber projects and have won a few awards on projects. Examples of commercial projects we have been involved in include: store fronts, ski lodges, golf lodges, condominium developments, hotels, and resorts where the natural aura and exposed inspiration of timber is a must. We have the capability of meeting production schedules, preparing detailed bid proposals for fixed rate contracts, contract administration and meeting or exceeding contracted engineering and construction specifications.

Canadian Timberframes' extensive experience in timber selection and processing, utilization of design software and computerized manufacturing equipment facilitates the speed and accuracy of the timber and connections.

The impressive timber structure has an immense effect upon the human senses; in the same way beautiful scenery or pleasant smells or fine art affect us – the natural beauty of wood evokes the same way. A thoughtfully well-designed space can create the same impression and creating this unique, visually appealing and creative interior can help you stand out from your competitors and makes your retail experience more memorable.

We have several commercial projects loaded to the website to view.

Ski Resort Day Lodge

We welcome the opportunity to work with architects and developers. We've built our reputation around superior product, skillful craftsman and impeccable service delivered with incomparable professionalism.

Commercial Case Study - Wood Structure Vs Steel

The Grizzly Paw brewery was originally designed as a steel building. Wood construction saved cost and resulted in a building that better suits the Rocky Mountain style typical of Canmore. It provides a highly functional accommodation for the brewing and manufacturing processes, and a superior ambiance for future special functions.

Read the full case study here. Produced by Canadian Wood Council, Wood Works & Canadian Timberframes.

Why Should You Choose Heavy Timber Frame Over Steel For Your Industrial Or Commercial Building?

  • Industrial and commercial heavy timber construction is now more cost effective than structural steel in many cases
  • Wood is a natural recyclable and renewable resource, it is LEED and Green built compatible and will reduce your carbon footprint
  • Heavy timber construction can achieve more complex and creative structures more cost effectively than steel
  • Off-site pre-manufactured heavy timber frame allows shorter construction times and maximized potential production
  • Timber frame buildings consume the least energy during production; create healthier environments and better workplaces.

We would be happy to help you out with your next commercial project or quote a set of plans.


Recreational developments

Large Commercial Structures

"The building was a positive experience. There were no surprises The wood construction was 10% more economical than the steel options priced. The assembly of the pre-manufactured members and connections went smoothly. In those rare cases where small adjustments were required onsite, they were easy to do. The project could have been completed ahead of schedule but there was a delay in acquiring some of the brewing equipment."

Builder: Troy Weatherhog
Grizzley Paw Brewery, Canmore Alberta

Grizzy Paw Brewing (Canmore, Alberta)

Canadian Timberframes was challenged to bring their design expertise to the table with the new Grizzly Paw Brewery.

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