Timber Basics

Welcome to the foundational principles of timber frame construction, a method steeped in tradition and renowned for its strength, beauty, and longevity.

At Canadian Timberframes, we employ the age-old technique of mortise and tenon joinery, where wooden beams are intricately joined together to form a stable and aesthetically pleasing structure.

Timber Frame Benefits

Energy Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Our wall panels and roof systems are engineered to perfectly complement the timber frame structure, significantly enhancing the R-values (a measure of thermal resistance).

This synergy results in highly energy-efficient homes that are well-insulated and air-tight, effectively reducing power consumption.

The precision of our design and manufacturing processes provides your builder with a streamlined, efficient product for on-site installation, saving valuable time and reducing labour costs.

Timber Frame Benefits


At Canadian Timberframes, our reputation as a premier designer and manufacturer is built on high-quality, hand-picked logs sourced locally from British Columbia.

These logs are air-dried on-site and crafted using traditional pegged mortise and tenon joinery.

This meticulous process not only preserves the wood's natural strength but also enhances our timber frames' longevity and resilience, making them a durable choice for any construction.

Timber Frame Benefits


Timber frames are exceptionally stable, offering superior resistance to external elements and potential environmental impacts.

Unlike conventional construction materials, timber frames exhibit minimal shrinking and expansion, ensuring structural integrity over time.

This stability makes timber frame homes a reliable choice in diverse climatic conditions, safeguarding your investment against the unpredictabilities of nature.

Timber Frame Benefits

Exterior Aesthetics

Timber frame homes offer unparalleled flexibility in exterior finishes, allowing you to choose from wood siding, composite materials, brick, or stone to suit your aesthetic preferences best.

This versatility ensures that each home can be uniquely tailored to reflect your style while seamlessly blending into its surrounding environment.

Whether you desire a classic rustic look or a modern facade, timber frames provide the perfect canvas for your architectural expression.

Timber Frame Benefits

Interior Aesthetics

The interior aesthetics of timber frame homes are greatly enhanced by our versatile wall panels, which offer a range of design and decorating options.

These panels allow for flexibility in floor plans, enabling custom configurations that maximize space and suit individual lifestyle needs.

The natural beauty of timber also adds warmth and character to any interior, making it inviting and comfortable.

With Canadian Timberframes, you have the freedom to design interiors that are not only functional but also visually captivating.

Timber Basics and Essential Mass Timber Knowledge

Timber Homes VS Log Homes

Both styles use exposed timbers on the interior and exterior of the home. Timber frame homes provide more design flexibility than log homes.

With log homes, what you see on the outside is what you are going to see on the inside. Timber frame homes rarely give you an idea of the interior design when looking at the outside. The floor plan turns out to be quite flexible due to the frame's interlocking configuration; which eliminates the need for load bearing interior walls. Timber frame homes provide opportunity for open spaces, vaulted ceilings and large window walls which bathe the interior in natural light.

Overall, timber frame homes are perceived as being easier and quicker to raise and CTF can pre-manufacture and engineer the timber frame to fit together on site along with the wall panels, roof system and siding. Although timber framing is a very old craft, yesterday’s timber frame homes were a far cry from the open-plan, cathedral-ceiling homes that many people associate with timber framing today.

Decorative & Structural Timber Frames

Structural Timber

A timber frame allows the structural timbers to be displayed. These exposed timbers are finely prepared and detailed with as many architectural features as you desire. They can act as a prominent design feature, or can be used to accent certain rooms and exterior elements of the home.

Exposed wooden timbers impart images of strength, natural beauty and warmth. Imagine vaulted ceilings and open spaces. Today's timber frame home offers evident structural integrity, countless decorative possibilities, fully-integrated mechanical systems and a particularly high degree of energy efficiency.

Decorative Timber

Whether your taste runs to rustic style or contemporary décor is more to your liking; whether you plan to build in the mountains, near the shore or on the plains, wood timbers can add warmth and charm to any home. While a timber frame can be structural, there are hybrid and decorative timber frame options available.

Timber Frame Joinery

Canadian Timberframes Ltd. primarily uses a traditional style of pegged mortise and tenon joinery.  When the mortise and tenon is combined with housings, dove tail tenons, bird’s mouths, half laps, and spline connections there is usually very little need for steel or modern connectors within your frame.  When the engineering requirements or style of joint demand the use of a steel connector, we are able to design and contract the fabrication of required steel components.  These steel components are test fitted in our shop before shipping the whole assembly to your job site.

The joinery on our frames is always designed with the raising in mind; our goal is to provide you with a frame that can be assembled on site easily and efficiently without modification or specialized equipment.

Where To Begin?

Planning your custom-built timber home will be exciting, challenging and ultimately deeply rewarding. In order to make the process as successful and stress-free as possible, we suggest doing some homework first.Start collecting what you love, styles, designs, and design elements, layouts as well as color, stains and timber frame architecture. Begin to build your team with a local contractor, designer/architect, & timber company!