Capacity for Complex Heavy and Mass Timber Projects

Canadian Timberframes has distinguished itself for over 25 Years by providing high-quality timber frame components and designs that enhance commercial properties' aesthetic and structural integrity.

Whether your project is a distinctive hotel, a charming bed and breakfast, or a comprehensive corporate retreat, our team delivers the best quality timber, precisely engineered, based on detailed architectural designs, and transported efficiently to your build site. Our Mass Timber Products ensure that your commercial space reflects your brand's unique essence and stands out for its durability and elegance. 

Partner with Canadian Timberframes to bring your architectural vision to life with a structure that blends beautifully with its environment and enhances the local architectural landscape.

Supporting Your Successful Build

At Canadian Timberframes, we offer Design, Project Management, and Logistics Support for your Timber Project, as well as our expertly crafted Timber Frames; so you can focus on the myriad of other items that arise during a complex commercial or enterprise project.

Specializing in high-quality, precision-engineered timber frames & components, we cater to the specific demands of your commercial project. Whether for an upscale Resort Hotel or your new Brewery, our team infuses each project with decades of expertise and a steadfast dedication to excellence.

Collaborate with us to create distinctive and functional commercial spaces that make a lasting impact. Our approach combines timeless style with modern practicality, laying a solid foundation for your business's future—Trust Canadian Timberframes to deliver exceptional solutions that elevate your commercial endeavours.

Precision and Heavy Timber Craftsmanship in Action

Explore our cutting-edge facility in Golden, British Columbia, and discover how we craft our exceptional timber frames. This video shows the precision engineering and artisanal craftsmanship that define our commercial projects, from luxurious hotels to expansive corporate retreats. Experience the dedication and expertise that make our timber solutions stand out in the industry.

The Value of Partnering with Canadian Timberframes

Discover the Difference 25 Years Makes

Canadian Timberframes has built a reputation for excellence over the last 25 years, showcasing our commitment to top-quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction in the timber frame industry. Our extensive experience ensures a deep understanding of timber crafting techniques and a proactive approach to your needs.

Reduced Lead Times

We significantly reduce project delays thanks to our comprehensive inventory and on-site sawmill. This setup is crucial for construction managers and developers who must adhere to strict schedules for luxury residential and expansive commercial projects.

Innovation in Timber Processing

At the forefront of the timber industry, Canadian Timberframes features the K2i machine, which includes a six-axis robotic arm. This state-of-the-art technology enhances our ability to process wood efficiently and quickly, providing precise, custom timber structures for builders, architects, designers, and engineers. In fact, we've interfaced with a K2i machine longer than anyone else in Canada.

Complete Solutions

Canadian Timberframes serves as a comprehensive source for all your timber frame needs, offering Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), Glue-Laminated Timber (GLT), Glulam, and custom metal works. Our all-inclusive service simplifies logistics for projects that use a mix of solid-sawn timber, mass timber, and specific enclosure systems for roofs and walls, streamlining the entire construction process.

Customization and Efficiency

We offer customized wall and roof systems that enhance time and resource efficiency, which is especially valuable for sites with limited space. Our tailored solutions ensure that spatial constraints do not compromise the quality or scale of your architectural designs.

Expert Planning and Logistics

Our expert team specializes in tailored planning and logistics, which are essential for managing complex site logistics effectively. This customized planning helps ensure that each project phase is executed smoothly and according to schedule, providing peace of mind and superior results.

Broad Scope

With decades of experience handling diverse project demands, Canadian Timberframes excels in manufacturing and delivering mixed-media design scopes. Our versatility and experience in integrating various materials and innovative designs makes us a trusted partner for professionals seeking to create distinctive commercial buildings.

Legacy of Trust

By partnering with Canadian Timberframes, you gain access to a team dedicated to realizing your architectural visions with precision, efficiency, and a profound respect for the tradition and innovation in timber framing.

“The wall systems they are building are hands down the best I have ever seen.”

Every component in the wall from the hold downs to the siding is thought of before construction and because of the CAD drawings everything is in place precisely where it is needed. The walls will arrive on site and only need to be stood in place. We will cut weeks off the field construction time and end up what a superior product ready to accept the next phase of the process. I would definitely like to use this system on all exterior walls on the main floor. We spent considerable time with his drafting/design team and reviewing the plans they produce. The level of quality and detail on the blueprints is on a commercial scale - its all there - in detail. I have never worked with such a complete and detail set of plans in residential construction. All in all I am very glad that I went up to see their operation. I know that your project will not be the only one that I do with Jeff and his company.

John DanaDana Construction Company LLC

“I was up last week during the raising; the timber frame package is nothing less than incredible.”

The product supplied and the way it fit together is impressive. It has been great working with you and all of the folks from CTF! I would highly recommend your company in the future.

Dean PomeroyPR Pomeroy Restoration & Construction LTD.

“I can say with confidence that my experience with the products and services from Canadian Timberframes has been exceptional.”

“As a building professional for over 3 decades, I am very familiar with various levels of quality and service provided by organizations in our industry. I can say with confidence that my experience with the products and services from Canadian Timberframes has been exceptional, and I would highly recommend them to any clients throughout the US interested in creating an extraordinary timber frame home.”

A J Guarino JrGuarino Construction

“We have worked with Canadian Timberframes on several projects and have nothing but good things to say about them.”

From our initial conversations, the design process, and the finished product, we have been impressed with their material knowledge, attention to detail, exceptional computer modeling, and their commitment to customer service. We would highly recommend them for any project, big or small. Our clients have always been pleased with the finished products and we can't thank Canadian Timberframes enough for providing such exceptional service.

David House - D.R.D. Construction Services, Thunder Bay, Ontario

“We have worked with Canadian Timberframes on several projects and have nothing but good things to say about them.”

Your Craftsmanship was truly incredible in this home. We look forward to working with you on more awesome projects in the future!

Style Developments INC

“All Timber Frame builds in the future of my company will be from Canadian Timberframes..”

I recently had the extreme pleasure of working with the people and product of Canadian Timberframes. I have worked with other timber frame companies in the past and although they’ve been good, Canadian Timberframes went way beyond all the others! The product arrived on site carefully wrapped and very secure. The lifts all contained a written breakdown of everything in each bundle, making checking of materials before build very easy to do. The blueprints were very clear and concise.

We had a large amount of timbers and everything thing fitted together perfectly! With only one joint in the entire build requiring a simple chiseling of a 1/16” to make the fit. Any questions I had were dealt with quickly and the answers were certainly clear! I did not have one issue on this build, and that is not something you can say about most builds.

All fasteners were provided, and they didn’t cheap out and give you exactly what you need, there was always extras, which really is what you want. Each timber piece was beautifully finished and the pre-built wall panels made the job very fast. These were well constructed and about the only thing I’d change about them is to use a silicone between sections to ensure air tight seals. The people at Canadian Timberframes are truly amazing to work with, from the sales to designers to the shippers. You really will never deal with a better company! All Timber Frame builds in the future of my company will be from Canadian Timberframes.

Shane L. Boniface - Shanise Enterprises, Rocky Mountain House

“Your team demonstrated great rigor and seriousness.”

First, when designing the plans for the structure your team demonstrated great know-how and a lot of professionalism. Throughout the project, whether for the transport of materials/discussions for the assembly of the structure and all other questions concerning the project, your team demonstrated great rigor and seriousness. More specifically, I would like to thank Mr. David Gagné who was able to make this project a success, always available and without delay for answer our questions.

Alain Lizotte - Alain Lizotte Construction INC

“Canadian Timberframes was great to work with from beginning to end.”

There was a lot of back and forth on the feature wall, as there were many details. CTF was easy to communicate with and eager to collaborate on ideas to make installation as smooth as possible. I look forward to working with them again in the future!

Dennis Borren - Borren Builders

Frequently Asked Questions

From understanding the design process to navigating construction timelines, we’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions to ensure you have all the information you need. Explore our FAQs for detailed insights and practical advice on making your commercial project a reality with Canadian Timberframes.

Can you grade stamp your timbers?

Yes, we can grade stamp out timbers onsite at our facility. Because we have an onsite mill we can offer this value add service to all of our clients. When a grade of timber is specified by an architect or engineer within their design – wither it be a residential or commercial project , we can deliver on these requirements in house without adding additional costs or time, where other manufacturers would have to source this service; get tested & comply. Grading also provides a layer of protection for the manufacturer and homeowner by establishing definable levels of quality for the products being sold and marketed within the industry.

What are the main differences between steel buildings and mass timber structures?

Steel buildings are primarily constructed using steel columns and beams, offering high strength and durability, making them suitable for large, open spaces and heavy loads. On the other hand, mass timber structures utilize engineered wood products like cross-laminated timber (CLT) and glue-laminated timber (glulam), providing a renewable and sustainable alternative with excellent structural performance and aesthetic appeal.

Which material offers greater design flexibility for commercial projects: steel or mass timber?

Both steel and mass timber offer excellent design flexibility, allowing architects and engineers to create innovative and visually striking buildings. Steel provides large spans and versatile framing options, making it ideal for wide-open spaces and complex geometries. Mass timber, on the other hand, offers warmth and natural beauty, enabling designers to incorporate exposed wood elements and biophilic design principles into their projects.

Are there any regulatory considerations or code requirements specific to steel or mass timber construction?

Both steel and mass timber construction must comply with local building codes and regulations governing structural design, fire safety, and environmental performance. While steel buildings may require additional fire protection measures such as fireproofing coatings or sprinkler systems, mass timber structures are inherently fire-resistant due to the charring properties of wood, although fire-rated assemblies may be necessary for certain applications.

Which material is more cost-effective for commercial projects: steel or mass timber?

The cost-effectiveness of steel versus mass timber depends on various factors such as project size, design complexity, and local market conditions. Generally, steel structures may have a lower initial cost due to the widespread availability of materials and established construction methods. However, mass timber structures offer advantages in terms of reduced construction time, lighter foundation requirements, and potential long-term savings in energy efficiency and maintenance costs.

How do steel and mass timber structures differ in terms of sustainability and environmental impact?

Steel production requires significant energy inputs and generates carbon emissions, whereas mass timber is sourced from sustainably managed forests and sequesters carbon throughout its lifecycle. Mass timber structures contribute to carbon sequestration and offer a renewable alternative to traditional construction materials, making them a preferred choice for environmentally conscious projects seeking LEED certification or other green building standards.

How do construction timelines differ between steel and mass timber buildings?

Steel buildings typically have shorter construction timelines due to the availability of standardized components and faster assembly processes. Mass timber structures, however, can be prefabricated off-site to a greater extent, reducing on-site construction time and minimizing disruption to surrounding areas. Additionally, mass timber construction is well-suited for projects with tight schedules or phased construction requirements.