About Canadian Timberframes LTD.

At Canadian Timberframes LTD. ® (CTF), established in 1999 and nestled in the scenic Rocky Mountains, we are recognized for our superior craftsmanship in designing and manufacturing timber frame structures.

Our commitment to combining traditional techniques with modern innovation is evident in every project we undertake, whether it's residential homes, commercial designs, or custom spaces. We prioritize sustainability and quality, using only the finest materials sourced responsibly from British Columbia's rich forests.

Our dedicated team, known for its meticulous attention to detail and deep passion for timber, ensures that every project vision is transformed into a beautiful and lasting reality. 

Choosing Canadian Timberframes

Located in the Rocky Mountains along the Trans-Canada corridor, we have direct access to exceptional Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar, providing premium materials for every project. 

Our vertically integrated process, from timber selection to finished product, allows us to maintain control over quality while providing custom solutions for clients across North America.

At Canadian Timberframes, quality and service form the core of our operations. We leverage extensive experience in timber selection, manufacturing and design to deliver on your project vision and in the timelines you require. 

We are unwavering in our commitment to personal, timely service, ensuring each project detail is handled with precision. Our passion for designing and manufacturing timber frame homes and structures is only surpassed by our dedication to client satisfaction, establishing us as a leader in the timber frame market.

Explore below, and learn how our strategic location, commitment to quality, and integrated process make Canadian Timberframes the preferred choice for building lasting and beautiful timber frame structures.

Engage with us today and "Experience The Difference 25 Years Makes" with Canadian Timberframes.

Our Promise

At Canadian Timberframes quality and service are principles that are deeply ingrained in every aspect of our operations.

Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated by our expertise in selecting and processing the finest timber, using advanced design software, and precision manufacturing equipment. We pride ourselves on the knowledge and passion our professionals bring to every stage of development, from initial design concepts right through to delivery.

Our approach is defined by a dedication to detail and client-oriented service, ensuring each project reflects outstanding quality and delivers exceptional value. This philosophy has expanded our influence and capabilities across North America, reinforcing our reputation for quality, precision, and excellence in the timber frame industry.

We continue to innovate and adapt, keeping pace with industry advancements while honoring the timeless art of timber craftsmanship. Our future is driven by passion and the ongoing expansion of our market presence worldwide. We promise continued leadership and innovation, creating spaces that are built to last.

Our Facility in Golden, British Columbia

Since its inception in 1999, Canadian Timberframes Ltd has been at the forefront of the timber industry, perfecting our techniques and supply chain through vertical integration and sustainable practices. This video provides a brief inside look into our facility and showcases how we transform responsibly sourced timber into stunning timber structures.

Our K2I Machine

With over 25 years of delivering exceptional quality and professional service, Canadian Timberframes has established a solid reputation across North America; it has been a partner with K2 CNC equipment for over a quarter of a decade. 

The K2i 1300 machine, equipped with a 6-axis robot, efficiently supports creating complex, custom timber structures, aligning with

CTF's commitment to exceeding client expectations and delivering state-of-the-art solutions. We are proud to continue down an innovative path and keep pushing the boundaries of the heavy timber and mass timber industry.

With this machine, we can cut both rough-sawn timber & mass timber up to cross-section sizes and lengths 18 by 51 inches across by up to 80 feet long.

Manufacturing Facility

Our facility spans over a 24-acre yard, featuring two on-site sawmills and an inventory of over 1,000,000 board feet of premium logs and timber. We pride ourselves on custom milling timbers from only the finest, seasoned logs, ensuring superior quality before manufacturing begins.

Our expansive 34,000 sq ft. manufacturing plant is equipped with cutting-edge machinery, including the Hundegger K2i 1600 with a 6-axis robot and paird with a Hundegger 4-Sided Planer. An extensive collection of timber frame and carpentry hand tools and a dedicated finishing department complement our facility.

Here, we meticulously handle every aspect of the finishing process, from texturing to final staining, ensuring our products are of Canadian Timberframes quality before they leave our facility.

Outside of the manufacturing facility and yard, our head office supports all our 3D modelling, production design, sales, marketing, and finance teams, ensuring seamless coordination across all aspects of our business.

Our Heritage

As North America’s leading manufacturer and provider of heavy timber frame and mass timber solutions, Canadian Timberframes offers a comprehensive range of products and services. From timber frames and enclosure systems to windows, doors, exterior siding, and trim, we ensure quality and service excellence at every step.

A Heritage Built on Innovation and Timber Processing Technology

Since our inception in 1999, Canadian Timberframes (CTF) has been at the forefront of the timber frame industry, being the first company in Canada to operate a Hundegger K2 machine. Celebrating over a quarter century of dedication to excellence, we continue to lead with Canada’s first and most sophisticated CNC timber joinery equipment and an expanded manufacturing capacity of over 34,000 sq ft. This development demonstrates our commitment to improving efficiency and enhancing the capability to undertake complex and larger-scale commercial projects, maintaining our well-established reputation for quality.

Embracing the Future with K2i Technology Supporting Mass Timber Manufacturing

In response to the growing demand for high-quality, heavy, and mass timber products, Canadian Timberframes has expanded its capabilities, setting new industry standards. The introduction of the Hundegger K2i 1300 machine, equipped with a 6-axis robot, enables us to process an array of both rough sawn and mass timber sizes up to 18” by 51” by 80 feet, facilitating projects of unprecedented scale and complexity. This technological advancement sets new benchmarks for precision and craftsmanship in both residential timber frame construction and the mass and heavy timber commercial space.

Meeting Diverse Commercial and Residential Project Needs Across North America and Beyond

Canadian Timberframes is renowned for its expertise and versatility in integrating mixed-media projects with unique design specifications. This includes large cross-section glulams or a combination of solid sawn timber, glulam, CLT, and custom metal works components into timber frame structures. Our flexibility in design scopes, with decades of experience in manufacturing and delivering mixed media design scopes, sets us apart in the industry. This comprehensive approach, combined with an onsite sawmill and extensive log inventory, streamlines the supply chain for hybrid projects, ensuring a one-stop solution for clients and facilitating the achievement of tight deadlines. We deliver across the U.S.A and globally.

Jeff Bowes, President & Owner of Canadian Timberframes Ltd., reflects on the company’s 25th anniversary: "For Canadian Timberframes, celebrating 25 years in March 2024, is a testament to our journey of continuous improvement and innovation. The acquisition of the Hundegger K2i machine demonstrates our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of luxury timber frame and commercial mass timber construction."

Stephanie Bowes, Vice President of Canadian Timberframes Ltd., adds: "Our success is built on strong partnerships, a steadfast commitment to quality, and professional service. We approach each project as a collaborative endeavor with our industry partners, striving to exceed expectations and achieve exceptional results."

We look forward to supporting the changing needs of our clients and industry partners in the timber frame industry. Explore the difference 25 years makes throughout the pages of this website.

Our Story

Step inside the world of Canadian Timberframes with our video tour, located in the scenic heart of Golden, British Columbia. Learn about our roots as third-generation timber experts and how we've evolved into a leader in the timber frame industry.

This video showcases our integrated approach—from sourcing premium Douglas Fir right in our backyard to crafting timber structures that push creative boundaries.

See our expert team in action, from design through to production, and hear from our passionate staff about the dedication that makes each project special. Discover why our clients trust us to transform their visions into stunning realities, making Canadian Timberframes a true partner in timber frame construction.

Join the CTF Team

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We’re constantly on the lookout for exceptional, experienced, confident, motivated and bright professionals who are at the top of their game and looking to be a part of winning team.

Come live, work and play in our beautiful mountain town in Golden, BC.

Our Head Office is located on the south side of Golden and includes our manufacturing facility, design, 3D modelling, as well as, our sales, marketing, finance and administrative departments.

Explore our opportunities and find a career path that is right for you.

“The wall systems they are building are hands down the best I have ever seen.”

Every component in the wall from the hold downs to the siding is thought of before construction and because of the CAD drawings everything is in place precisely where it is needed. The walls will arrive on site and only need to be stood in place. We will cut weeks off the field construction time and end up what a superior product ready to accept the next phase of the process. I would definitely like to use this system on all exterior walls on the main floor. We spent considerable time with his drafting/design team and reviewing the plans they produce. The level of quality and detail on the blueprints is on a commercial scale - its all there - in detail. I have never worked with such a complete and detail set of plans in residential construction. All in all I am very glad that I went up to see their operation. I know that your project will not be the only one that I do with Jeff and his company.

John DanaDana Construction Company LLC

“I was up last week during the raising; the timber frame package is nothing less than incredible.”

The product supplied and the way it fit together is impressive. It has been great working with you and all of the folks from CTF! I would highly recommend your company in the future.

Dean PomeroyPR Pomeroy Restoration & Construction LTD.

“I can say with confidence that my experience with the products and services from Canadian Timberframes has been exceptional.”

“As a building professional for over 3 decades, I am very familiar with various levels of quality and service provided by organizations in our industry. I can say with confidence that my experience with the products and services from Canadian Timberframes has been exceptional, and I would highly recommend them to any clients throughout the US interested in creating an extraordinary timber frame home.”

A J Guarino JrGuarino Construction

“We have worked with Canadian Timberframes on several projects and have nothing but good things to say about them.”

From our initial conversations, the design process, and the finished product, we have been impressed with their material knowledge, attention to detail, exceptional computer modeling, and their commitment to customer service. We would highly recommend them for any project, big or small. Our clients have always been pleased with the finished products and we can't thank Canadian Timberframes enough for providing such exceptional service.

David House - D.R.D. Construction Services, Thunder Bay, Ontario

“We have worked with Canadian Timberframes on several projects and have nothing but good things to say about them.”

Your Craftsmanship was truly incredible in this home. We look forward to working with you on more awesome projects in the future!

Style Developments INC

“All Timber Frame builds in the future of my company will be from Canadian Timberframes..”

I recently had the extreme pleasure of working with the people and product of Canadian Timberframes. I have worked with other timber frame companies in the past and although they’ve been good, Canadian Timberframes went way beyond all the others! The product arrived on site carefully wrapped and very secure. The lifts all contained a written breakdown of everything in each bundle, making checking of materials before build very easy to do. The blueprints were very clear and concise.

We had a large amount of timbers and everything thing fitted together perfectly! With only one joint in the entire build requiring a simple chiseling of a 1/16” to make the fit. Any questions I had were dealt with quickly and the answers were certainly clear! I did not have one issue on this build, and that is not something you can say about most builds.

All fasteners were provided, and they didn’t cheap out and give you exactly what you need, there was always extras, which really is what you want. Each timber piece was beautifully finished and the pre-built wall panels made the job very fast. These were well constructed and about the only thing I’d change about them is to use a silicone between sections to ensure air tight seals. The people at Canadian Timberframes are truly amazing to work with, from the sales to designers to the shippers. You really will never deal with a better company! All Timber Frame builds in the future of my company will be from Canadian Timberframes.

Shane L. Boniface - Shanise Enterprises, Rocky Mountain House

“Every time I come home, I’m welcomed with such a “safe & warm” feeling.”

I’m not sure exactly what to write, other than how much I love it & am enjoying living in it! It feels so solid & peaceful, like a miniature castle...with my chunky black light fixtures & the stone wall, & heavy beams. Every time I come home, I’m welcomed with such a “safe & warm” feeling, looking at the wooden beams, & up at the high ceilings...It makes me very happy.I made all the decisions about things like lights, tiles, flooring, colours, window coverings, etc, but it was Shane (Shanise Enterprises) who made it all happen. It’s been a labour of love for everyone I think. I can’t wait to have a huge house-warming party for everyone involved on the porch that will soon be completed.I was also impressed by the personal way Eleanor and Canadian Timberframes, would email and even visit to see how things were going.


“We really appreciate your skills and professionalism as you guide us through the design phase.”

David, Tiffiny, and Phil, I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all of your work in helping us create a fantastic home. The 3D images today really helped us see how great the timbers are going to look, and brought it all together for us. We are very excited.

We really appreciate your skills and professionalism as you guide us through the design phase. We made the right choice with CTF. Thanks so much.


“Thank-you Canadian Timberframes for all your time and support, you rock!”

Building our Life long dream home with Canadian Timberframes LTD has been nothing short of an amazing adventure. They have been there every step of the way, shining like a bright star, solving everything and anything on our building journey. There staff is kind, friendly, understanding, patient..a big one for us (anyone that has built or bought a home knows it can be trying at times!!) Words cannot even describe how pleased we have been with them. They are definitely a great company for families as they are like one themselves!! Our home building process has been a long journey and it still continues today, as we chose to do a lot of the work ourselves. Canadian Timber Frames was still there to help us a year after we put up our structure, providing us with ideas and interior finishing wood. I know they will still be there after year two when we take on building a deck for our beautiful home. We will definitely do business with them again and again if the opportunity for us is there. Thank-you Canadian Timberframes for all your time and support, you rock!!!

The Spelt Family

“Overall, the whole experience from Canadian Timber Frames was excellent with great information and prompt responses.”

The reason I chose Canadian Timber Frames was that you had the best communication right from the start. I contacted a few competitors before you and did not have good results with the initial conversation. Overall, the whole experience from Canadian Timber Frames was excellent with great information and prompt responses. Even today, over 3 years since that first phone call, the customer service is top notch. I recommend to everyone who asks about the house to look you guys up. I’d be more than happy to show off this house, as it has been one large project.


“Your team demonstrated great rigor and seriousness.”

First, when designing the plans for the structure your team demonstrated great know-how and a lot of professionalism. Throughout the project, whether for the transport of materials/discussions for the assembly of the structure and all other questions concerning the project, your team demonstrated great rigor and seriousness. More specifically, I would like to thank Mr. David Gagné who was able to make this project a success, always available and without delay for answer our questions.

Alain Lizotte - Alain Lizotte Construction INC

“Working with our architect, Canadian Timberframes Limited (CTF) was brought in for timber frame consultation, design, and supply.”

When it came time to build our getaway cottage, as well as a vacation retreat for our extended family on Vancouver Island’s Pacific side, we were drawn to a timber frame design but with a contemporary twist to suite the rain forest setting and our active, casual lifestyle. Working with our architect, Canadian Timberframes Limited (CTF) was brought in for timber frame consultation, design, and supply. During the design phase, CTF was extremely professional and responsive working with our architect and structural engineer in getting the technical design right. Simultaneously, CTF was very patient and constructive in working with us in customizing the timber frame style to suit our unique tastes. Moreover, during the construction phase, CTF was very active and participatory working with our local, general contractor in getting the dimensions just right so the framing and assembly went perfectly. Above all, the quality was superb, the costs were within budget, and the construction was on time. Of course, the final proof is in the finished product. Not only did the finished timber home exceed our expectations, but the home has garnered several gold awards from the Canadian Home Builders Association at the regional, provincial, and national levels. In addition, the home has also been featured in several home and living magazines. The most recent has been in the Timber Home Living magazine, Annual Buyers Guide, 2012 edition. Finally, we would highly recommend Canadian Timberframes Limited for any timber frame project for all the reasons above.

Don & Vivenne

“Canadian Timberframes was great to work with from beginning to end.”

There was a lot of back and forth on the feature wall, as there were many details. CTF was easy to communicate with and eager to collaborate on ideas to make installation as smooth as possible. I look forward to working with them again in the future!

Dennis Borren - Borren Builders

“Lois and I are both extremely pleased with the end product.”

And after two years still have people stopping by to take a look inside. Let everyone know at CTF that their craftsmanship and the detail that went into the product in this build has been greatly appreciated and we would be proud to see our lake house project shared.

Lois and Bob

“The dream of our home design has become a reality for us.”

Robyn and I would like you all to know that the dream of our home design has become a reality for us. The intent of the design shines through against the mountain backdrop of the Columbia valley. I think it is rare to find a synergy between the designer and the timberframe team that come into the project cold and have it turn out in reality as it was conceived and designed in our heads. Congratulations to Canadian Timberframes for not losing sight of our design aspirations during the production of the unique frame structure. This frame defines the home both inside and out; outside with the big curving roof lines and inside with the tall braces and the soaring open feel of the great room. The selection of fine timbers, with exacting joinery made putting together the structure a breeze as well as a pleasure. The erection of the structure was well under budget because of the materials, the attention to detail of the joinery as well as the superb drawings supplied. Things just clicked and it was up and finished in no time. Kudos to the finishing work done in the shop, the staining and the top coats were expertly done. The package arrived on time and the organization of the bundles made sorting and arranging easy to do. This is the third structure that I have had the privilege of erecting with the help of Canadian Timberframes, it wont be my last.


“We reached out to a number of companies and ultimately settled on Canadian Timberframes. In hindsight it was one of the best decisions we made.”

When we decided to tear down our old cabin and rebuild at the lake it was important to us to maintain a relaxed and rustic yet modern feel. We have always loved the coziness of timber frame homes and felt it was the perfect setting to build one of our own. We reached out to a number of companies and ultimately settled on Canadian Timberframes. In hindsight it was one of the best decisions we made. David and the team at Canadian Timberframes were so easy to work with. Despite some distance they were always responsive and communication was really effortless. From start to finish, this company was a pleasure to work with and the end product speaks for itself. We absolutely love our new lake house! You are all truly exceptional and skilled at what you do and we are so glad we partnered with you to build us a home we can truly enjoy for many years to come. Many thanks!

Beth & Randy

“Everyone was always ready to jump in and help make the build successful.”

Any time I was aware of issues or questions, someone from Canadian Timberframes was available to respond or make it right. Everyone was always ready to jump in and help make the build successful. I see this as an indication of how a company sees itself and what their value to a customer is. The pride in what Canadian Timberframes provides does not stop when a package leaves your plant but continues through completion of a customer project. Every person makes a difference in the customer perception of what you do.


“We are so happy with our house and that we chose CTF!”

CTF has been great to work with and the quality of the products, especially the timbers have exceeded our expectations! They’re stunning!


“This is why we continue to come back to you all, time and time again.”

Is this what that frame was supposed to look like? We don't think it was supposed to be this beautiful, was it?!! Thanks so very much to you and your staff for helping to create such an amazing part of our house...And send our heartfelt thanks to the team who pulled off getting our order done in time. We truly didn’t expect it and really appreciate the effort and tremendous quality of the product!

Steve & Michelle

Frequently Asked Questions

From understanding the design process to navigating construction timelines, we’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions to ensure you have all the information you need. Explore our FAQs for detailed insights and practical advice on making your dream home a reality with Canadian Timberframes.

What differs you from the competition?

We know you can get a timber frame and material package anywhere, but we also know that you will be hard pressed to find the service, professionalism, and expertise that comes with our product. Very likely, the Douglas-fir timbers that are used across the continent have been shipped from British Columbia to the North American market. This transport cost is then marked up and built into the cost of the frame, creating a premium. Our location gives us immediate access to some of the most sought after timbers on the planet, and because we start from the raw log don't have to add in the high material purchase costs. Our pricing for premium interior Douglas-fir is on par with Eastern pine.

Can I use reclaimed timbers for my frame?

We can work with any timber, but please note that reclaimed and recycled timbers come at a premium. This is due to sourcing the product, designing around the material at hand, and engineering issues associated with used timers (often a recycled frame will require more timber and custom metal connectors for structural purposes). A more economical option we offer is for an Antique Finish on new timbers. We use rough sawn timbers and lightly burn then brush them to give an aged look, then apply a stain and clear top coat.

What species of timber do you use?

Our standard product is #1 or better Douglas-fir, however we will also use Western Red Cedar and occasionally pine. In our mill yard we have a log & timber inventory of over 1 million board feet. The logs are stacked in decks that allow for natural air drying, and our preference is to have the timbers for your frame milled a few months prior to manufacturing in order to let them season.

What locations do you ship to?

If a truck, boat or barge can get there then so can our frames. With over 20 years in business, we've shipped our frames across North America including states such as Alaska, Montana, Washington, Colorado, Kentucky, Michigan, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, and many more. We have shipped timber frame across Canada to almost every province.

"You're in Western Canada and I'm in Eastern USA. Isn't shipping going to be a big expense?

"Shipping is generally about 5% of the package cost. Our location along the Trans Canada corridor allows us easy access to building sites anywhere in North America and gives us an advantage when sourcing transport companies. Also remember that the Douglas-fir for your frame will likely be coming from our area anyways.