Great Lakes Legacy

We have had several inquiries around the interior stain colors on this project. Many like the contrast of the timber stain against the T&G.

For those inquiring minds….The colors are: For the timber frame; 2 coats double tint Cocoa and the T&G is Pale Ale. Both have a coat of ENS applied. We use only Sansin Enviro Stains that are designed to keep your wood healthy – just as Mother Nature intended. Sansin provides the long-lasting, beautiful protection your home deserves.


“The reason I chose Canadian Timber Frames was that you had the best communication right from the start.  I contacted a few competitors before you and did not have good results with the initial conversation.  Overall, the whole experience from Canadian Timber Frames was excellent with great information and prompt responses.  Even today, over 3 years since that first phone call, the customer service is top notch.  I recommend to everyone who asks about the house to look you guys up.  I’d be more than happy to show off this house, as it has been one large project.”