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October 2, 2014

This timberframe renovation outside of Calgary was the subject of the feature article in the 2014 Winter edition of Best Homes Magazine Western Canada.

They walk you through our Copperstone Project and its 1800 sq ft timber addition; the design features of the home as well as its energy efficient focus.

"Perched on two acres of  sun-dappled aspen this bustling abode depicts a delightful interpretation of  a tree house in the woods. “When the seasons change it’s really quite beautiful” muses the homeowner who wanted a space that was cozy comfortable and family-friendly.

Built by CopperStone Homes with a design by timber frame specialist Cheryl Link of Mountain Modern Studio  this  collaborative  effort  encouraged an organic growth that left the original  structure  intact.  Capturing  an  additional  1800 square feet of  open concept living a spacious great room and dining room that host eighteen-foot vaulted ceilings (with an additional full basement beneath) engage a view-laden retreat that eloquently blends with its tranquil setting.

Located west of  Calgary’s city limits the home benefits from its timber frame enhancements that  include  corner  windows  of   near  curtain wall glass. White walls and bleached hard-woods freshen a decor infused with natural light and a seasonal landscape.

With building integrity and energy efficiency rivaling design in importance lowe argon-filled windows conduct passive solar heat with spray foam insulation and a high-efficiency furnace providing a comfortable and well-insulated environment given generous glazing. The home’s air quality is enhanced by its Douglas fir ceiling which acts as a natural filter and offers a better acoustical environment.

“At the end of the day a home needs to be practical” says Winkler who prides his team on delivering superior craftsmanship beyond code and using pre-mium materials and building practices to ensure the quality and longevity of your renovation.

“A specific mindset is required when building a custom home” says Winkler. “A story is told within a framework and part of this home’s story was bringing the outside in; in return we let some of the inside flow outwards. For example the Douglas fir ceiling beams protrude seamlessly through drywall and stucco while supporting the massive roof overhang.”Delighted that they opted not to sell but stayed to achieve their dream home the owners claim that their biggest gift in this experience was retaining the feel of the home where they raised their children. With stunning views of nature from every angle and well-placed art competing for attention with the outdoors the family appreciated the teamwork they shared that was brought to life by uncompromising construction.

“It took just over a year to achieve our vision and it was like watching art unfold.”

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