Lake of Bays Haven

This 7,600 sq ft home sits on the shore of the beautiful Lake of Bays, the 2nd largest lake in Muskoka with nearly 170 km of shoreline. The home is stunning with 8 bedrooms, multiple recreation areas and expansive outdoor areas providing the owners with the perfect opportunity to enjoy the lake and surrounding area. 

This is a great example of our 'Canadian Timberframes' complete material package manufactured for this project. Our wall panels are specifically designed to interface with our timber structure, with all beam notches, windows & doors pre-cut. Integrated built up posts and stud packs. The bottom line is: our engineered wall panel enclosure systems are built to seamlessly match our exceptional timber structures; less waste, faster to install.  Species & orientation of Sidings are also anticipated allowing all wall systems to be detailed & manufactured to accept a variety of exterior siding applications.

We lead the industry with our R37 & R50 engineered roof build ups, providing energy efficiency and structural integrity as a cost effective solution to enclosing the most complex timber homes & commercial structures. We pride ourselves on also being able to develop custom roof build ups for unique applications.

Special thanks to Lake of Bays Custom Homes who have been excellent to work with on this project and their fine craftsmanship is evident in the finished project. Photos by Greg Paupst Photography.